Five Reasons to Apply to ICA

The Team
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above: Accelerator at ICA and Lab at ICA companies.

2. Access to capital!

ICA provides a continuum of coaching and capital to Bay Area entrepreneurs. Earlier this year we launched a brand-new seed capital product, investing in 6 women-of-color-run small businesses. To date, the Growth Fund has made 18 investments and all companies that finish our programs can be considered to receive funds. What’s more, 6 Accelerator alumni have received funding from ICA. (Funding is not guaranteed, but ICA program alumni receive priority in investment.)

3. An accelerator program to fit your needs.

ICA accelerator programs give entrepreneurs access to mentorship, community, and capital to help your business thrive. Program tracks available for early-stage and established high-potential companies, and between The Lab and The Accelerator, ICA is ready to serve your business no matter what stage your business is at.

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above: The recipients of ICA's first-ever Seed Capital investments.

4. Because you believe in the power of small business to help close the the racial and gender wealth gaps.

63% of Accelerator companies are run by women and 67% are owned by People of Color. ICA exists to accelerate great businesses in order to close the racial and gender wealth gaps. While people of color, especially women of color, start businesses at higher rates than white people, they’re constrained by structural inequities and often overlooked by mainstream funders. Through ICA accelerator programs, ICA partners with, mentors, and invests in under-estimated entrepreneurs to do our part in building an economy that works for all.

5. Our network of Advisors.

The (not so) secret sauce of the ICA ecosystem, our advisors have your back! ICA’s work is made possible by the experienced pro bono advisors who meet your business where it’s at, and provide tailored advice and business support to help scale your business. ICA’s advisors are experts in their field and their know-how spans the gamut – from operations and growth strategy, to pitch coaching and marketing, to name just a few.

Once you’re accepted into The Accelerator, you’ll be paired with an advisor who will go deep with you, honing in on your business challenges, as you progress through the program. Check out some of the amazing advisors in The Accelerator here.

Don’t take our word for it!

We’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing entrepreneurs, and they've said some great things. Thank you Maria and Lila!

Working with ICA gave me broad tools that allowed me to analyze our company from different angles. It also helped me identify what kind of leader I was and what was my weakness. We really enjoyed the Accelerator and the special relationship with the hands-on ICA team. It is always good to know that there is a team that is willing to have your back.” — Maria Palacio, CEO of Progeny Coffee
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