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We know that businesses can be agents of positive change in their communities. The high-potential companies ICA works with create good jobs, generate wealth for their employees and owners, and help to close the wealth gaps for women and people of color.

As we all reckon with a new set of constraints brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, ICA is continuing to work to meet the evolving needs of our small business community. Our focus is on ensuring that our network can build resilient businesses that thrive over the long-term.

A new accelerator launches today:

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of a new initiative to serve even more entrepreneurs.  ICA is now accepting applications to the Resilience Lab Accelerator, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

This new accelerator program, powered by ICA, will provide the same expert advising, technical education, and hands-on business support that entrepreneurs have come to expect from ICA, in a new, six-week format. The new Resilience Lab Accelerator is specifically created to catalyze the growth of companies serving their communities. It is designed to strengthen the long-term resilience of these businesses as they provide the goods and services that our communities need most.

“We’re extremely excited to launch this new initiative, with Kaiser Permanente’s support. Together, we will provide the support companies need to secure their long-term growth potential and build more resilient businesses.

       — Dianna Tremblay, Director of Programs.

The Resilience Lab Accelerator will both allow us to reach more companies as well as serve to model a new type of collaboration that leverages the purchasing power of a local anchor institution to create growth opportunities for small businesses,” added Dianna Tremblay.

The Resilience Lab Accelerator will provide intensive technical support to 20 selected small businesses and a broader set of organizational support to all applicants. This is the first time ICA will have the capacity to provide all applicants proprietary resources to support their growth.

The Resilience Lab Accelerator application is now open and companies are encouraged to apply. Please note that acceptance into the program is not a guarantee of a contracting relationship with Kaiser.

About the ICA Accelerator:

Established in 2016, the ICA Accelerator is a holistic advising program designed to help high-potential companies grow. With support through ICA’s strategic advising and support network, companies in the Accelerator achieve year-over-year revenue growth of 27% and pay an average entry level wage of $22.94 an hour.

Companies ICA has worked with: