The Team

Nutrition Capital Network’s Spring Investor Meeting is happening this June 30th. And we are happy to report that our Director of Programs, Dianna Tremblay will be joining the meeting as the keynote speaker along with the amazing Chef GW Chew, Founder and CEO of Something Better Foods. Chef Chew is a friend of ICA’s and a graduate of our Growth Strategies business education course. We are thrilled to have Dianna and his perspectives represented at the Nutrition Capital Network’s event.


What is the Nutrition Capital Network?

The NCN “helps active investors make purpose-driven connections with curated health and wellness brands.” The networks participants span the gamut of the natural foods and healthy lifestyles industry – from producers, to marketers, to brands focused on healthy foods, to ones promoting food manufacturing technology.

The NCN is also part of the New Hope Network which puts on the yearly EXPO West and EXPO East conferences which bring together thousands of people in the healthy foods industry, and which ICA attends yearly along with many of our companies.

During the Virtual Spring Investor Meeting “over 20 nutrition and health & wellness companies seeking capital will present their business plans to a group of diverse, active investors.” To read more about the event an NCN, click here. If you’d like to register as an investor, you can do that here.