Isis Dillard serves as the Business Development Manager at ICA and is responsible for spearheading various initiatives to expand ICA's reach and impact across the Bay Area region. She collaborates closely with both direct services and investment teams to accelerate the growth of local businesses while strategically deploying investment funds.

Isis brings a diverse background spanning business development, fundraising, and community engagement to her role. Before joining ICA, she worked on the Go-To-Market team at GitHub, a Microsoft company, where she successfully established partnerships with key stakeholders and drove revenue growth. Additionally, Isis has been pivotal in supporting community initiatives to empower underrepresented people of color and women focused on improving the quality of life through community service.

Outside of work, Isis is a passionate photographer, a dedicated basketball fan, and a full-time dog mom. She holds a Bachelor's degree in American Studies from UC Berkeley with a concentration in Race, Law, and Politics. Isis is committed to leveraging her skills and expertise to drive positive change in the Bay Area business ecosystem.

First Job

Selling newspaper door-to-door

Best Advice I've Received

Hard work beats talent when talent forgets to work hard.

Why I work at ICA

I work at ICA Fund because I believe in ICA Fund's mission to support underrepresented entrepreneurs, close the wealth gap, and empower communities of color and women.

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