It's hard to "do the right thing" if you have no idea what "the right thing" is! As an IT veteran with 20+ years experience building and leading teams; guiding organizations through strategic growth phases and implementing multi-tenant business applications - I am uniquely equipped to find the "right" path and am an expert in keeping things moving.

I am exceptional at designing and implementing successful models for communication and collaboration; building team resiliency and raising morale - resulting not just in measurable results but also in producing thoughtful, engaged leaders throughout all levels of an organization.

As a leader, I believe it is important to ensure holistic allegiance to the mission and to clear/stated values and goals. I am able to drive multiple, concurrent projects from the requirements gathering stage to UAT to implementation while managing scope, budget and personnel; however, I also believe in creating frameworks where individuals can own their work; develop professionally and become resilient enough to find their way forward through any "set-backs" and/or false starts.

In addition to all of this fantastic-ness, I am creative, well-rounded, fun (and funny) with a passion for helping individuals and organizations grow capacity while cultivating authentic, reliable connections with their customers, communities and each other. I have managed a variety of "system overhauls" and have demonstrated my ability to steer people through these upheavals in a way that builds solidarity, increases buy-in and improves efficiency.

First Job

Dishwasher at the Famous "Knickenbocker's" in Albuquerque, NM

Best Advice I've Received

There's something deeply interesting about everyone.

Why I work at ICA

Dream job at dream org. Love that I'm able to apply my decades (and decades) worth of skills helping sustain and grow an organization that wants to support, sustain and grow local, underserved, underestimated and systemically excluded individuals and the communities that raised them.

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