An East Oakland native, with a background in small businesses management through the Food and Beverage,Environmental Management & Tech, and Services sectors, Daniel's journey into the financial sphere began in 2020. He partnered with the Wall Street Wizards program, a nonprofit empowering black and brown youth in the Bay Area through financial literacy, personal investing, professional development, andCrypto/Web 3 exposure, as a curriculum contributor, content provider and instructor. His dedication to inclusion in the investment space led him to ICA in May 2022, where he now, with the Investment Team, works to identify investment opportunities, conducts market research and due diligence, and supports founders in Oakland's entrepreneurial ecosystem. His unwavering commitment to Oakland drives his mission to assist ICA founders in navigating the complexities of funding, promoting growth and diversity in venture capital and closing the gender and racial wealth gap. Beyond work, Daniel is an avid writer and outdoor enthusiast, with a passion for backpacking, fishing, and wildlife photography.

First Job

Dishwasher/Barista at Bittersweet Cafe

Best Advice I've Received

Don't be afraid to take risks – they often lead to great opportunities.

Why I work at ICA

I chose ICA because I'm inspired to uplift my community. Oakland holds tremendous potential, and I want to be part of promoting economic stability and equity through entrepreneurship and small business development. I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity to work with underrepresented entrepreneurs and invest in the community I so deeply care about.

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