Dennise Gutierrez is an experienced finance professional with roots in private practice as well as an extensive background overseeing the financial management of community development financial institutions. She brings over 18 years of experience in financial oversight and management of CDFIs to her role as ICA’s Vice President of Finance and Administration, where she leads the organization's Operations, Finance, and Human Resources team. 

Prior to ICA, Dennise spent 15 years with CDC Small Business Finance (CDC) where she served as controller. At CDC, she oversaw commercial real estate transactions, SBA secondary market transactions, SBA microloans and grants, as well as the revenue streams and accounting for a separate technology company warehoused at CDC. Additionally, she facilitated the merger between CDC Small Business Finance and Capital Impact Partners in 2021.

First Job

Cashier at a Duty Free store

Best Advice I've Received

Live in the moment.

Why I work at ICA

The mission, people and culture!

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