Custom pillows for contract interiors, exquisitely made and expertly managed.

The throw pillow: small yet mighty, bringing color pop and cozy comfort to the workplace. But if you’ve ever had to initiate pillow orders with their myriad of details, then you know coordination of these popular accents can be hugely time-consuming.

Enter Kay Chesterfield, Inc., premier pillow-maker to the business world since 1921. Based in Oakland, CA, we are a national source for custom workplace pillows, beautifully fabricated and professionally project-managed. Our team brings meticulous construction and coordination to contract pillow orders of any scale.

With backgrounds in corporate interiors and contract furniture, our savvy experts provide the industry’s best knowledge on pillow engineering and design. Combining project leadership with our superior craftsmanship, Kay Chesterfield, Inc. produces tailored pillow programs for Fortune 500 clients, providing gorgeous pillows to national and global locations.

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