For All of Life’s Celebrations

Delicious Catering was founded in 1975 by two women whose experience in cooking for fundraisers and for friends caused people to say, “You should go into catering”.   The opportunity came when one of the non-profits offered to pay us for catering an event.  And so it began.

Our first kitchen was a school kitchen.  Next we converted an auto repair shop into a kitchen, and expanded into other units in that complex as we grew.  Five years ago we designed and built a kitchen and office space that is much more efficient and is serving us well today.

In 2016 our gross sales were $1.5 M.  We had a dip in 2019, but 2020 was on- track to regain our 2016 level.  Then COVID hit.  We are now working to find the right pivot to help us to survive.

I own 66% of the business, and I have a business partner who owns the other 33%.  She has been with Delicious for more than 30 years, as has our Office Manager.  Most of our staff is working part time, and some have been furloughed. 

While this is a difficult time, we feel that Delicious will survive, and I am excited to be a part of the RLA.  I am learning a lot so far!

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