Whether preparing for the ICA Accelerator, gettin ready a pitch to an investor or managing your business through growth, below you’ll find some core best practices to keep in mind.

The Programs team has put together this two-part guide to help you navigate the myriad items you need to get in order to be ready to join the ICA Accelerator or prepare for investment.

Get your business Accelerator-ready:

You are a star, but you can only do so much on your own. For your business to grow and scale, make sure you have the strategic headspace and tactical staff support to move it from organic to strategic growth.

Not sure how you can do that alone? There are ways you can get help!

  1. Plug into the Bay Area’s ecosystem of small business support! There’s a ton of resources and organizations out there looking to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Get to know them and what they offer! Explore our Resource Page to begin building a strong foundation of business fundamentals to empower you to stabilize and grow your businesses.
  2. Attend events! Think trade shows, community mixers, happy hours, Pitch Events, workshops, mixers, and anything in your local community that could help your business grow. Events can be a valuable opportunity to network as well as a chance to showcase your products and learn about other businesses like yours. While the global coronavirus pandemic hast made in-person events a thing of the past (at least temporarily), many have been moved online. You can follow ICA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to ensure
  3. Compile clean and organized financials! Clean financials are required for your business to receive capital from anywhere. Work with your bookkeeper or accountant to gather the following in one easily accessible and shareable place online:
  • Profit and Loss Statements (from the previous three calendar years)
  • Balance Sheets (from the previous three calendar years)
  • Aging A/R  - for the current year (if applicable)
  • Financial Projection Model (three years out) (if applicable)

*Use Quickbooks? These forms are available to you under the “Reports” menu.
**Moved bookkeepers/accountants in the last three years? Get in touch with your old bookkeeper ASAP and get a copy of your records!

4. Get Ready for Investment – read the next chapter of this guide (Getting Ready for Investment) here.

And when you’re ready apply to the ICA Accelerator and take your business’s strategic growth to the next level. Through our holistic approach, each company in the Accelerator benefits from group  learning, peer-to-peer support, and individualized advising sessions with high-caliber mentors in order to accomplish your growth ambitions.

If you think you’re ready, apply here. To answer any questions you have, check out our FAQ.

Not finding what you need? Contact us below. We may be able to help or connect you to someone who can.

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