Sachiko Moran recently joined ICA as a Development Associate, supporting in organizational fundraising efforts and narrative development. She is excited to work at an organization working to close the racial wealth gap and to make an economy that works for everybody, and particularly excited to do so somewhere rooted in the East Bay. Outside of work, Sachiko loves to decorate her home, hone her graphic design skills, listen to music and podcasts, learn about history and politics and eat lots of good food. 

Sachiko received her Bachelors of Arts from UCLA in Political Science with a concentration in Racial and Ethnic Politics, and World Arts and Cultures with a concentration in Arts Activism.

First Job

Probably babysitting or digitizing map archives at my grandpa’s office as a kid

Best Advice I've Received

I’ve been the lucky recipient of a lot of advice, only some of which I’ve been able to follow, but I think some of the most important tidbits for me have been: lead with curiosity, focus on what you can control, and don’t shy from seizing joy. More recently maybe it’s something about starting with dessert.

Why I work at ICA

I work at ICA for a number of reasons! I love the mission and work – I believe in it deeply and learn from it daily. I’m excited and proud to serve the Bay Area. I enjoy and am inspired by everyone I work with.