What it's like to work with ICA.

The Team
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After you apply:

The first step towards joining ICA is to complete the application. All applications are considered on a rolling basis and evaluated for fit into each program based on your application package. While both accelerator programs work with high-growth small businesses, companies are matched by ICA staff to the program that is a best fit for their needs.

ICA’s interconnected accelerator programs and investment products combine tailored, expert advising and access to right-sized financing to help you grow your company.

Program experience:

Both the Lab and the Accelerator work with entrepreneurs who run great businesses, are looking to grow them, and want to build wealth for themselves and their employees. In both programs you’ll have the chance interact and learn from a community of aligned business owners and you will have the ICA team at your disposal.

The Accelerator spans four months and targets these four key areas:

  1. Growth Strategy: articulating short and long term growth plans via a 6 to 12 month roadmap, building relevant financial models and dashboards, and developing go-to market strategies
  2. People Strategy: talent assessment, culture building, and good jobs visioning
  3. Capital Strategy: identifying capital sources aligned with your growth plan and building your investment term sheet
  4. Investment Readiness: understanding and learning how to articulate the story and value of your business, preparing for due diligence, and fine-tuning your pitch deck.
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The Lab takes place over four weeks and helps you workshop the following:

  1. Business Structure & Business Model Evaluation: optimizing your business structure and model in preparation for raising capital and strategic growth
  2. Path to Profitability: creating a plan to reach or increase current profitability
  3. Growth Visioning: developing a growth vision and identifying the resources needed to achieve that growth
  4. Capital Readiness: determining the right type and amount of capital needed based on growth vision

The programs culminate with cohort peer presentations. Selected entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to pitch at the ICA Pitch Event in front of an audience of investors and the ICA community! (Read the recap from the last Pitch Event here).

So what does it feel like to join ICA?

Over 50 companies have participated in ICA’s accelerator programs and you don’t have to take our word for it, here is what they have to say about their experiences:

“I feel lucky to have had this experience. The class content was so relevant, and the instructors were brilliant and well organized. […] The cohort was a great mix of passionate business owners all at the same growth stage, so it was beneficial for us all to share experiences and learn from each other.”

— Lila Owens, founder of Cupcakin’ Bakeshop

“The Accelerator helped me build confidence as a leader to be more directive and delegate effectively. It also helped me be able to make hard decisions based on looking at the data of my business and be able to get buy-in from my team about how to pivot to the trends.”

— Reem Assil, founder of Reem’s California

“ICA helped us find community-minded banks that were more interested in job creation. We have good partners, and we were fortunate to find them and have them advocate them for us when we stumbled.”

— Matt Kreutz , founder of Firebrand Artisan Breads

ICA provided us with much needed light during one of the dimmest times for our small business. ICA shared with us resources, experts, and advice to help pivot our business amidst a global health pandemic. During a time of distance, we were surrounded by other resilient, and innovative founders who also helped us navigate these challenging times.”

— Jazmin Villalta, Cocina del Corazón

Ready to go? — Apply now

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