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Apply Now to Accelerate your Business

The ICA Accelerator provides coaching, connections, and access to capital to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses, build great teams, and prepare for investment.

Want to grow your business? In the ICA Accelerator you will get 1:1 business advising from the Bay Area’s most experienced and engaged advisors. Together you will chart your growth strategy, plan for who and how to hire, understand your funding need, and create your most compelling investor pitch.

For the first time, this year companies will also work directly with a branding expert to craft a tailored investment pitch deck.

Since 2016, Accelerator companies have met  87% of their capital needs, seen their average revenues grow by 27% year over year, and have raised close to $20M in capital.

How do you know if your company is ready to apply to the accelerator? Here are the criteria to apply:

  • Earning at least $100K in annual revenue.
  • An established business model that supports job creation.
  • The availability and commitment to fully participate.
  • Demonstrated product/market fit and traction.
  • A scalable business model with tangible expansion opportunities.‍‍
To learn more, head over to the [ICA Accelerator] page, and if you're ready, apply using the link below.

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