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On November 19th, join us for the 2020 Accelerator Pitch event.

On November 19th, join us for an exciting morning of live investment pitches by the entrepreneurs in Cohort 6 of the ICA Accelerator. The Accelerator Pitch Event is a special opportunity for founders to showcase their businesses and get connected to potential investors. And you're invited.

The pitch event celebrates companies graduating from the ICA Accelerator. On the day of the event, Accelerator companies looking for capital will make their pitches to a vetted, virtual audience of investors, strategic advisors, and mission-aligned capital providers. And you’re invited to join us!



Brundo Ehtopian Spices

Brundo is an Ethiopian spice and product importer, store-front, and e-commerce shop. Brundo was born in 2011, when owner Fetlework Tefferi found it difficult to source the right spices for her restaurant, Cafe Colucci. She decided to take control of her supply chain by opening a small spice production facility in Ethiopia and a store in Oakland. Brundo’s West Oakland branch is run by General Manager Aderaw Yeshiwas.

The Damel

Chef Oumar Diouf created The Damel, to serve Afro-Brazilian Cuisine take-out and delivery in a chef-owned and family-run restaurant. The Damel is the only restaurant serving West African and South American cuisine, in the US. Based in Oakland, in addition to serving delicious food in quick service setting, The Damel offers catering services as well as wholesale to restaurants, cafes and other food outlets. Chef Diouf’s aim is to create an entirely sustainable food service business with affordable products.

Don Bugito

Monica Martinez is the founder and CEO of Don Bugito, the first edible insect food business and farm in the Bay Area. Monica, a native of Mexico City began her food career at La Cocina Food Incubator program in 2010, since then she has been an advocate and educator about the future of food and sustainable agriculture. Don Bugito has been reviewed by the FAO, Nova PBS, PRI’s The World, WSJ and Wired to mention few.

Global Grub

Global Grub is a simpler way to experience global cooking created by Carley Sheehy. Its global cooking kits allow anyone to make delicious global meals at home. Kits include: DIY Mochi, DIY Sushi, DIY Ravioli, and DIY Tamales. Founder Carley is avid home-cook and traveler; she was inspired to start Global Grub to allow anyone to taste the flavors she has on her travels around the world (to 20 countries and counting so far).

Nyum Bai

Nite Yun founded Nyum Bai with one vision: to preserve and share Cambodian culture through food. The idea to start Nyum Bai came to Yun at a small noodle stall in Phnom Penh. Yun realized a need to bring the beauty of Cambodia back with her to the States and represent for a culture that’s been tainted by war and genocide. She recreated her mother’s recipes from scratch, put together a menu, & set out to introduce Cambodian street food classics to the Bay Area.

Renewal Mill

Co-founded by Claire Schlemme and Caroline Cotto, Renewal Mill is a next generation ingredients company that up-cycles food production byproducts into high-quality ingredients. Claire and Caroline share a deep passion for sustainability and are on a mission to fix a broken food system. Renewal Mill is the result of their shared vision of drastically improving the efficiency of today’s food system, ensuring that 100% of the food we produce is put to its best & highest use — feeding people.

Rocky's Market

Brady Bellis and his partner Corinne Kinczel run historic Rocky’s Market in Montclair, Oakland offering specialty groceries, prepared food, craft beer, fine wine, a coffee bar, and much more. A neighborhood fixture, Rocky’s Market is currently expanding to a second location in Brooklyn Basin, and seeks to bring its grab-and-go line, Two Local Girls, to a broader Oakland audience.

Smoke Berkeley

Founded by husband and wife team, Jed Riffe and Tina Ferguson, Smoke Berkeley is a Texas BBQ restaurant and catering company serving fresh made food daily at Smoke Berkeley @ Spats Bar in Downtown Berkeley. Smoke Berkeley caters to individuals, CAL, nonprofits and companies in East Bay and San Francisco. For the last eight years Chef Tina has hired and trained many people coming out of prisons and other institutions – an important part of Smoke Berkeley's mission.

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The ICA Accelerator provides coaching, connections, and access to capital to help you scale your business, build a great team, and get ready for investment. Our 16-week business accelerator program gives business owners the knowledge, mentorship, and community you need to build the business you envision. Since 2016, over 30 companies have participated in the ICA Accelerator. Together they’ve secured $18.7MM in growth capital, created over 500 jobs, and paid millions in local wages.


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