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Co-Founder of Goal Five

Pre-investment advising in 2020
$500K growth fund investment in 2021
“ICA's investment was literally a lifeline for our company, and I was just so impressed with the program. ICA wasn’t going to make me jump through a bunch of hoops; they just got it right away. It was amazing and very unusual. It enabled us to bring staff back full time, and I was actually able to issue restricted stock options to the team as well.”
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Monica Martinez

Founder of Don Bugito

2020 Accelerator at ICA participant
$200k growth fund investment in 2021
“During COVID, we didn’t receive anything from the government in terms of truly meaningful support. To have ICA invest in us and support us in so many other ways—that is huge. Because it’s not just about business; it’s people being in your corner who truly understand and believe in what you’re doing.”
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April Fenall

Founder of Piikup

Resilience Lab Accelerator participant in 2020
“Being surrounded by the ICA community was like CPR. It breathed life into me...This is not the time to go back to business as usual; you have to walk the walk and you have to be a good employer. This is how we lift up our workers.”
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