Betting on

the Future.



Dear fellow supporters,

I first started working with ICA in 2021 as a part of the development committee, and one year later, I am proud to be the newest member of ICA’s growing Board of Directors.

I’ve been in small business and business banking most of my career, and I say this with twenty-plus years of experience in the Bay Area small business community behind me: the level of support and depth of commitment ICA provides to its entrepreneurs is truly game-changing.

The work ICA is doing on a local level to build a more equitable future is more important than ever. This sharing of knowledge, support, and community is imperative to rebuilding what’s been lost and generating more wealth and health for all in the Bay Area.

As our Impact Report illustrates, this is a strategy that works. ICA provides a successful model other communities and institutions can emulate. Coming together to implement ICA's model of coaching, capital, and connections on a broader scale will be a major component in shaping an economy that truly works for all. But we can’t do it alone. Whether as a donor, investor, entrepreneur, or advisor, I hope you’ll join us as we bet on the future of the Bay Area and beyond.


Nicole Auyang,
ICA Board Member and Senior Vice President at City National Bank